Cleveland Print Co.

Art Requirments



Vector generated art paired with screen printing is a match made in heaven. The precise curves and high resolution of vector yields sharp, crisp prints. All vector generated art should be sent with fonts outlined, links attached, and with all unused layers deleted.


Raster artwork refers to anything created in a pixel based software, such as Photoshop or Pro-create. More often than not, designs that come over in this format are hand drawn or image based. We have a wide variety of techniques to bridge the gap between pixel and print, which helps retain the integrity of the image while creating a clean, crisp print. With that being said, files from this type should come over to us at a minimum of 250 DPI and at the desired print size, ideally with the background color on a separate layer and all unused layers deleted.

Other File Types:

Flat images such as a JPEG, GIF, PNG or other document types like Microsoft Word are not considered print ready. Although these files are unsupported to burn films for screens, we can still use your desired images to reproduce the artwork so that it does become print ready. Recreating artwork is not uncommon for us; we are quick and efficient and often produce more favorable results. Design fees will be applied but don’t panic! We can still deliver the quality you expect.

Design Minimums:

As we often say, every job is different and certain aspects of each design poses new and specific challenges. Located below is a more in depth look at our design restrictions.

Type Size Minimums -

  • Water based Garment Ink - 8PT Serif / 7 Pt Sans Serif

  • Plastisol Ink - 8Pt Serif / 6 Pt Sans Serif

  • Flatstock Printing - 9 Pt Serif (Medium to Bold ) / 7 Pt Sans Serif (Medium to Bold)

Minimum Stroke Width -

  • Water Based Garment Ink - .75 - 1 PT Minimum

  • Plastisol Ink - .75 PT

  • Flatstock Printing - 1 - 1.25 Minimum

Halftone Frequencies -

  • Water Based Garment Ink - 25 - 30 LPI Maximum

  • Plastisol Ink - 40 LPI Maximum

  • Flatstock Printing - 25 - 30 LPI Maximum