Cleveland Print Co.


How Do I Place An Order?

Just call/email/text/fax/carrier pigeon and we will get in touch and get the ball rolling.

What Are Your Print Sizes?

Our standard print size is 12” x 16” and smaller. Anything over is 12” x 16” is “Jumbo” and there is a small up charge, our absolute max print is 15” x 20”.

What Kind Of Inks Do You Use?

We are a water based first shop, meaning we water based ink is the default ink we use on most orders. If water based ink is not feasible/desired we would switch to plastisol. We price all our inks the same so there is no cost difference from one to the other. Please see the following list for each inks requirements:

Water Based Ink: Water based dyes the fabric leaving a super soft feel and longer lasting print. It has a lower opacity, so it needs to be printed on lighter garments

Water Based Discharge: Bright, Vibrant colors, discharge ink removes the garments dye and leaves the ink pigments behind, leaving an incredibly soft hand. Discharge ink is used on darker garments where water based ink cannot be used. Because discharge ink reacts with the garment dye, results are always a bit unpredictable. It is best used on 100% cotton and some color shirts such as purple, certain blues & greens don’t yield the best results. We are consistently dialing in our discharge process as we believe this is one of the finest inks for dark garment printing.

Plastisol Ink: Plastisol is the ink most people are familiar with, plastisol is a heavier ink with a plasticky finish. We mainly use plastisol where water based/discharge ink cant be used, usually tri-blend tees, 50/50 blends, fleece and hoodies or if a heavier more dimensional print is desired.

Flatstock Ink: We only use water based ink for poster/packaging printing. We have semi-gloss and matte options depending on what finish your looking for. All graphic ink we use has excellent light fastness and durability, creating long lasting prints.


we have no minimums!

Turnaround Time?

Typical turnaround time is two weeks. Rush orders are welcomed but additional costs apply.

What Garments Can You Guys Get?

We partner with multiple garment wholesalers and can source a huge variety of garment styles. Just ask if you’re looking for something and chances are we can find it.

Can I Provide My Own Garments?

Sure! We have no issue printing on customer supplied garments, however please note that because these garments aren’t coming from our every day suppliers we can not guarantee the results. If exact quantity is required please plan on providing 3-5% over incase of any misprints.

Do You Guys Use Any Specialty Inks?

We love specialty inks! We can do metallics, glitter, puff additive, we also have the capabilities to do heat transfers and foil, just ask!

I Want Something Non-Standard Printed?

Fabric & Paper Printing is our bread and butter, that being said, we are always down to try new things and push the envelope. If you have something you’re looking to get printed and think screen print would be a good fit, just ask and we’ll figure it out.